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Chichi Jetski Tours will give you a day to remember


About Us


Chichi Jetski Tours offers Jet Ski tours and (supervised) Jet Ski services on the beautiful island Curaçao.

We invite you to get on board of our neon green / mint blue Sea-doo waterscooter. With its beautiful appearance and power, you will ride the waves of Curaçao. Discover together with our professional guide the gorgeous coastline and many sights from a different point of view.

Curaçao is at its best seen from the sea. The guide knows all the ins and outs of the island.

For your and our safety, each tour is guided. Do yourself a favor and experience one of our amazing tours, or visit us to just ride the waves freestyle.

What is special about Chichi Jetski Tours:

  • We provide private tours only.  It will be your group and our guide. No strangers.

  • If you make a reservation with us, you will experience a great sense of freedom while you ride the Jet Ski along the coast of the island and enter some of the island's most beautiful harbours.

  • You will be riding well maintained, nicely looking SeaDoo Jet Ski's which are not severely limited in speed.

  • The duration of your Jet Ski experience will equal the time that you will actually be riding the Jet Ski at sea. Please arrive 20 minutes prior to scheduled departure time to allow time for safety instructions / check-in / payment etc.

  • We partner on our departure location with a local caribbean restaurant. Sazon Samane offers a diverse menu with a range of traditional and contemporary dishes. On completion of your Jet Ski Experience, you will have the opportunity to explore the local cuisine in all its glory and discover new flavors and tastes while you enjoy the sea view (not included in the price of the tour).

Method of operation:

  • Our price is 75 Euro (~150 Guilders / ~85 Dollars) per person per 30 minutes. Our per hour price is 150 Euro (~300 Guilders / ~170 Dollars) per person.

  • The security deposit is 300 Euro / 600 Guilders / ~340 Dollars per Jet Ski.

  • Price for an extra passenger : (50 Euro / ~100 Guilders / ~60 Dollars - to be paid at the reception). The maximum weight for 2 persons on 1 Jet Ski is 160 KG.

  • We are open only in case we receive pre-paid reservations via our website.

  • Cash payment is also possible (Guilders/Dollars and Euro's). How this works: Send us a message requesting whether you can come to the reception to make your cash payment that same day. The reservation will be made after the payment is complete (Sometimes it's possible to ride the Jet Ski on the same day that the cash payment was made, but for a same day cash reservation we recommend you contact us as early as possible that day - circa 8:30 AM local time).

Whichever option you select; Chichi Jetski Tours will give you a day to remember.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Price of the tour: From 150 Euro / 300 Guilders / 170 Dollars for 2 Jet Skis for 30 minutes (1 person on each Jet Ski).

  • Price for 1 extra passenger : (50 Euro / 100 Guilders / 60 Dollars to be paid at the reception on the day of the tour).

  • Security deposit: 300 Euro / 600 Guilders / 340 Dollars per Jet Ski. The security deposit will be returned immediately after the tour in case of no damage & all rules are followed.

  • Our prices are the same for everyone. We don't have any local rates. Please follow us on instagram to be notified via our stories on any of our promotions/specials.

Accepted payment methods

  • Reservations will require online payment via this website in advance. Alternatively - when you are in Curaçao, you can make the reservation on-site at least one day prior to the tour and pay onsite with Cash, Bankcard, or Creditcard.

  • Payment for the tour (on-site):

    • Cash (Guilders, Euros, Dollars).

    • Bank/ATM Card.

    • Tikkie.

    • Credit card (most credit cards accepted including American Express and Kompra Leon).

  • Payment for the tour (website reservations):

    • Credit card.

    • Paypal.

    • Ideal.

  • Payment for the security deposit (on-site):

    • Cash (Guilders, Euros, Dollars).

    • Credit card.

    • Tikkie.

    • Bank/ATM card is not accepted for the deposit.

Security Deposit

  • 300 Euro / 600 Guilders / 340 Dollars for each Jet Ski to be paid on the day of the tour (During check-in prior to departure).

  • If you use a credit card for the deposit, we will charge the credit card (we will not make a reservation, but a charge).

  • The deposit will be returned to you immediately on completion of the tour (in case rules have been followed and in case of no damages).

  • When the deposit will be returned, it will be returned in the same way that it was paid. In the case that you used a credit card for the deposit, we will cancel/void the transaction which will return the deposit to your credit card.

  • ​Any damage with a value above the deposited amount is to be paid by the deposit providers immediately after the tour.

  • A release of liability waiver is to be signed by all guests prior to departure. Please take the time to read this before the day of your tour as it describes the rules on how any damages will be charged to your group.

Rules summary

  • All participants have to be good swimmers and in good health.

  • The minimum age for passengers is 8 years (accompanied by adult). 

  • The minimum age for drivers is 16 years.

  • The maximum allowed weight of 2 persons on 1 Jet Ski is 160 KG

  • A release of liability waiver is to be signed by all guests prior to departure. Please take the time to read this before the day of your tour. 

  • The deposit will be charged in case of damage, flipping the jet ski (upside down), or when rules are not followed.

Safety Rules

  • The Jet Ski activity is inherently hazardous, and our guests may be exposed to dangers, including some of the following: unpredictable ocean currents, lightning, hypothermia, hostile or aggressive wildlife, and negligence of others.​ To minimize the risks for Chichi Jetski Tours and it's guests, Chichi Jetski Tours maintains strict safety rules.

  • All tours are guided by a Chichi Jetski Tours guide with no exceptions.

  • All participating guests should be in good health at the time of the tour, and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • A life vest will be provided by Chichi Jetski Tours. Wearing of life vest and dead man's cord is mandatory.

  • Follow the instructions provided by the guide, stay behind the guide at the seaside of the guide.

  • Sail in the dark blue part of the sea (circa 200 meters away from the coast).

  • Keep eye contact with the guide and other members of your group during the trip. Adjust your speed to ensure the group stays together as one. 

  • Keep enough distance between members in your group and any obstacles such as other boats, rocks, the coast, and the guide. When deciding on the appropriate distance, take into account the unpredictable effect of waves which may pick up the Jet Ski and take it into unexpected directions.

  • Take into account the unpredictable effect of unexpected movements from other Jet Ski Ride participants. The deposit will be charged to all deposit providers for the Jet Skis that were involved in any collision - irrespective of who is believed to be responsible for the collision.

  • Limit and adjust your speed so that you are in a position to respond in a timely manner to unexpected events such as vulnerable swimmers that are snorkeling in the dark blue part of the sea.

  • When circumstances around you allow, do not stand still too much in open seas (especially when there are big waves). Keep moving forward to improve the control and navigation of the Jet Ski and to minimize the chance of flipping the Jet Ski upside down.

  • Please refer to this link to review the rules in more detail.

Reserving multiple Jet Skis for a single booking

  • You can make a reservation for up to 5 Jet Skis per booking (subject to available capacity in case of technical issues). If you like to ride with a larger group, please make 2 reservations (1 group will wait for the other group to finish).

  • If you wish to reserve more than 1 Jet Ski for a single timeslot, please visit the page book-online. Then select from the top of the page the number of Jet Ski's required (including passengers on each Jet Ski). To complete your reservation, select the desired tour and payment options.

Number of passengers on a Jet Ski

  • If you would still like to make a reservation with (a) second passenger(s), please update the notes of the reservation with your request to add passengers to the Jet Ski's. The cost of the additional passenger(s) (50 Euro / 100 Guilders per passenger) can be paid at the reception.

  • For age 16+, we recommend reserving 1 person on a Jet Ski, especially for longer trips. This is for increased safety and highly recommended for your convenience (based on the experience of our prior guests).

  • If you would like to book for more than 1 person on a Jet Ski, please also take into account the maximum weight of 160KG per Jet Ski.

Reservations process

  1. Access the book-online page

  2. Choose from the top of the page the total amount of desired Jet Skis (up to 5 depending on available capacity).

  3. Select the desired tour, the date/time. Record your contact details and any special requests in the notes field.

  4. Accept the terms and conditions.

  5. Finish the reservation.

  6. You will receive a booking confirmation email with further information such as the required arrival time & departure location (google maps).

What to wear/bring

  • Swimming wear (please do not wear new swimming gear as the colors may come off and damage the leather on the saddle of the Jet Ski).

  • Water socks (dive boots with zippers are not allowed as they may damage the equipment).

  • Swimming glasses (goggles) to protect your eyes against splashes of saltwater.

  • Slippers.

  • Sun protection.

  • We have no toilet, locker room, or shower on the departure location, please take this into account when planning your trip.

  • Leave personal belongings in your car or at home. The parking lot is right in front of the reception.

  • You can bring your phone or camera and put it in the water resistant compartment of the Jet Ski (at your own risk).

People with disabilities

  • Chichi Jetski Tours does not recommend participation for people with disabilities such as deafness or hearing impairment, heart problems, epilepsy, problems of continence, people using a wheelchair, joint problems, and people with reduced vision.

  • Please contact us prior to making a reservation if you would like to discuss the available options despite this recommendation.


  • Going on a Jetski tour with us is not allowed with us if you are expecting a baby.

Promotions and local prices

  • We maintain an equal price for all our (potential) customers. Follow our social media channels for announcements of promotions and specials.

Cancellations, late arrivals, and "no shows"

  • We request that if you would like to cancel, to please cancel as soon as possible (please use Email or WhatsApp). This gives us the opportunity to fill the schedule. 

  • We offer refund as follows:
    * Clients canceling more than 7 days prior to the start of the tour will be eligible for a 75% refund.
    * Clients canceling between 3 and 7 days prior to the start of the tour will be eligible for a 50% refund.
    * Clients canceling between 24 hours and 3 days prior to the start of the tour will be eligible for a 25% refund.


Any additional charges incurred by financial 3rd party service providers (credit card companies, payment processors) will be borne seperately by the client.

  • No refund will be provided under the following circumstances.
    - Cancellations received less than 24 hours prior to the start of the tour, or cancellations for same-day reservations, will not receive any refund.
    - Clients expressing dissatisfaction with weather or any other tour conditions will not be eligible for a refund. The tour operator will make reasonable efforts to address concerns but is not obligated to provide a refund in such cases.
    - Clients changing their mind on the day of the tour and deciding not to participate will not be eligible for any refund.
    - Clients found to have violated tour rules, such as the use of alcohol, will not be eligible for any refund. Any damages or additional costs incurred due to rule violations will be charged separately.
    - If a tour has already been rescheduled once, no refund will be provided in case of a later cancellation. 
    - Clients experiencing issues with the payment of the deposit on the day of the tour will not be eligible for any refund. Participation in the tour is contingent upon successful payment.
    - Clients arriving late (please arrive 20 minutes prior to scheduled time of departure) or do not show at all for any reason will not receive any refund.


Chichi Jetski Tours reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy under extraordinary circumstances at their discretion.
In case a refund is applicable, this will arrive back into the client's bank account circa 5 business days after the cancellation was accepted.

The SeaDoo Jetski

  • Max Speed: up to 70 km/hr under the right conditions.

  • Brand : Seadoo

  • Type: GTI 130

  • Horse Power: 130 PK

  • Color: White/Neon Green (Groen)

Boat/sailing or other licenses required to drive a jetski in Curacao ? :

  • Required:

    • Swimming license

  • Not required:

    • Drivers license (car)

    • Drivers license (boat/sailing license)

    • Boat/sailing licenses (vaarbewijs) are not required as all of our tours are fully guided by a certified guide 

Other Questions ?

Check our FAQ



“Together with a friend of mine I did a Punda tour at Chichi Jetski Tours. The staff are very nice and professional. I would never forget this cool experience. When requested, the staff even created a drone video of my tour. The next time I visit Curaçao, I would definitely visit them again ”

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