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Chichi Jetski Tours will give you a day to remember


About Us


Chichi Jetski Tours offers Jet Ski tours and (supervised) Jet Ski services on the beautiful island Curaçao.

We invite you to get on board of our neon green Sea-doo GTI. With its beautiful appearance and power, you will ride the waves of Curaçao. Discover together with our professional guide the gorgeous coastline and many sights from a different point of view.

Curaçao is at its best seen from the sea. The guide knows all the ins and outs of the island.

For your and our safety, each tour is guided. Do yourself a favor and experience one of our amazing tours, or visit us to just ride the waves freestyle.

What is special about Chichi Jetski Tours:

  • We provide private tours only.  It will be your group and our guide. No strangers.

  • If you make a reservation with us, you will experience a great sense of freedom while you ride the Jet Ski along the coast of the island and enter some of the island's most beautiful harbours.

  • You will be riding well maintained, nicely looking SeaDoo Jet Ski's which are not severely limited in speed.

  • The duration of your Jet Ski experience will equal the time that you will actually be riding the Jet Ski at sea. Please arrive 20 minutes prior to scheduled departure time to allow time for safety instructions / check-in / payment etc.

Method of operation:

  • Our price is 150 Euro (~300 Guilders / ~170 Dollars) per person per hour.

  • The deposit is 300 Euro / 600 Guilders / ~340 Dollars per Jet Ski.

  • Price for an extra passenger : (50 Euro / ~100 Guilders / ~60 Dollars - to be paid at the reception). The maximum weight for 2 persons on 1 Jet Ski is 160 KG.

  • We are open only in case we receive pre-paid reservations via our website.

  • Cash payment is also possible (Guilders/Dollars and Euro's). How this works: Send us a message requesting whether you can come to the reception to make your cash payment that same day. The reservation will be made after the payment is complete (Sometimes it's possible to ride the Jet Ski on the same day that the cash payment was made, but for a same day cash reservation we recommend you contact us as early as possible that day - circa 8:30 AM local time).

Whichever option you select; Chichi Jetski Tours will give you a day to remember.